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Contact Information
If there are any problems or questions about your order, please contact us at (217) 359-5500 or at info@papadels.com.

Privacy Policy
We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. The information we collect when you visit our site is solely for the purpose of shipping your order. We do not sell or give your information out to anyone for any reason.

Security Policy
Your payment and personal information is always safe. All of your information is encrypted and cannot be read over the internet.

Terms and Conditions

All orders must be sent standard overnight or priority overnight when standard service is not available.

We are unable to ship to P.O. Box numbers.

We can only take domestic shipments due to customs requirements in other countries.

We are not responsible for invalid information, such as address or phone number on shipping orders, or any other information from the customer that may be invalid.

If address information given is incorrect, UPS will attempt to deliver, or to find the correct address. If this should happen, due to incorrect information given to us by the customer via the website or by phone, additional surcharges may be billed to the customer's credit card.

We are unable to ship on Saturday or Sunday, or deliver on Sunday or Monday or any holidays UPS is closed. Shipments requested for delivery on Saturdays cost a higher "Saturday Delivery Fee" which is a cost charged to us by UPS.

We need at least 24-48 hours to process an order, unless it is a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, since we can not ship until Monday.

You can request a specific day for shipping, but this can not always be guaranteed due to our shipping schedule, holidays, dry ice availability, and weather issues.

All packages will be left on the doorstep (no signature required) or at the front desk of businesses. If UPS deems your address, or the recipients address, to be in a high traffic or unsafe place to leave a package they will take it to the nearest UPS location, and hold for pick up. It is not our responsibility to inform the recipient that the package is being held at the local facility, if this case should arise. Please make sure if you are sending a gift that you inform the recipient.

We are not responsible for packages left out too long, or not picked up from UPS in a timely manner. The amount of dry ice we pack the pizzas with is enough to last up to 48 hours should some reason occur, that delays you from getting or getting to your package in a timely manner.

The pizzas should be placed in a freezer as soon as you receive your order. Or if you are using them right away, a refrigerator. Use care when unpacking, since residual dry ice will be in your package, and it can "burn" your skin.

Due to the perishable nature of our pizza shipments, returns are not possible. If you have any sort of concern or problem with your order, you will need to contact the store immediately.

Should an unforeseen event happen and cause delay, loss, damage, weather related problems, vehicle/plane malfunction etc., to a shipment, we are not liable for such incidence. If any of these things mentioned occurs, we will give you the option of a refund or a re-order. We are unable to do both. UPS does not refund shipping charges.

During severe weather, we may have to delay shipments. Please choose shipping dates accordingly. It may be sunny and clear where you are, but the Midwest can have nasty winters. Please check weather advisories on ups.com if you are worried about such issues, or call the store directly with concern of local weather.